Suzanne Ondrus is a poet, educator and advocate. She helps create safe spaces through training in gender equity, gender mainstreaming, sexual harassment, women’s empowerment, and diversity, equity, and inclusion. Suzanne’s foundation with gender issues began with her women-focused undergraduate studies in International Business and Management at Wells College, a women’s college. With her doctorate in Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies from The University of Connecticut, she examined gendered social justice issues, such as Ugandan women’s inheritance law; children’s sexual abuse laws in Nigeria; and social and cultural treatment of the mentally ill in West Africa, in conjunction with an analysis of literary techniques that cognitively elicit empathy. Her poetry books Passion Seeds and Death of an Unvirtuous Woman deal with women’s sexuality, racism, identity, and domestic violence and serve as platforms for discussion of these taboo topics. She has taught Gender and Women’s Studies; Creative Writing; Literature; and conducted Sexual Harassment Training and Policy Evaluation; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; and grant writing training at universities and NGOs in America, Africa, Europe, and remotely in Guatemala.