Death of an Unvirtuous Woman, forthcoming from Finishing Line Press, September 2022, available for pre-order July 2022.

Passion Seeds. (150-pages), Little Red Tree Publishing, March 2014.
Winner 2013 Vernice Quebodeaux “Pathways” Poetry Prize for Women.

Poems in Literary Journals:

“Flirting By or On Moto” Evening Street Review, Forthcoming-Dec. 2022.

Darning the Space of Our Memory: From Burkina to America to Benin,” Gordon Square Literary Review, Issue 10, May 2022.
*2022 Ohio Writing Contest, Runner Up for Prose

Ouaga Mamas, ” Wanderlust. Jan. 9, 2022.

“Motorcycle Riding in Ouaga in the Harmattan,” New Square, Spring 2021.

“Sharing Her Greatest Silence,” “Small, Small,” and “Dreams with the Dead” DoveTales
Literary Journal, Writing for Peace
, edition “One World, One People” edited by Patricia
Jabbeh Wesley, August 2019.

My African Trousseau,” Visitant, Spring 2019.

“The Power of the Pen”, “Wood County News, 1882”, and “Tarred & Feathered by the Wood
County News” S/tick, July 2019.

“Artifact 1: A Ticket to the Fair,” Earth’s Daughters, 89 (2016): 46-46.

“For You, Who Have No Desire For Me,” Reed Magazine, 2013 Markham Prize Winner,
May 2014.

“The Structure Inside,” Contemporary Verse 2: The Canadian Journal of Poetry and Critical
, Spring 2013.

“The Falling, Suspended, Saved My Life,” and “I Met My Husband in the Camp,” Route 7
, 1 Spring 2013.

“The C & Backwards R,” Istanbul Literary Review, January 2012.

Because Bones are Solid, Permanent,” in English and with my French translation, JENdA: A
Journal of Culture and African Women Studies
, December 2010.

“Working for an NGO in Allada, Benin,” Long River Review, Spring 2009.

“The Monarch,” Slab, Spring 2009.

Seven Yesterdays and Todays”, “On Stage”, “Scratching Back”, “A Significant Reason
Fruit Withheld”, “Fully Colored Green”, “A Single Breath”, “Self Possession”, Frigg, January

Poems in Book Anthologies:

“From Africa to Russia,” Through a Distant Lens: Travel Poems, Write Wing Publishing,

“Inch by Inch, Row by Row,” and “Echo Here,” 2013 Runner up, Little Red Tree International
Poetry Contest, Little Red Tree International Poetry Prize Anthology, Little Red Tree
Publishing, October 2013.

“FruitLove,” “This Circular Space,” “I Carried You Before You Fully Came,” and “Invisible
Offerings,” EXTRA Terrestrial Life: Poetry of Our Time, Nazar Look, Nov. 2012.

“In the Forest is a Hungary Woman,” La Llorona, Beatlick Press, March 2012.