Praise for Passion Seeds:

“Romantic, restless, inquisitive, and hungry, with a timeless sensuality and soul-bearing tone…it is a document of the human moving in and out of love.…her poetic fluctuates between a language of self-possession and of dispersion, until ‘obliteration of self,’ takes place, and the dream to be a poet, not of earth, flesh, race or nation, but of the universal air that regards it all, is achieved.”

Larissa Szporluk, author of Traffic with Macbeth

Larissa Szporluk, author of Traffic with Macbeth

“A provocative debut collection that is brave and urgently necessary. It brilliantly brings us into a new world where poetry is neither American nor African, where over and over, the speaker in each poem discovers another world, another America and another Africa, a larger world outside our vision of the world we thought we knew. This is a book that will surprise.”

Patricia Jabbeh Wesley, author of Where the Road Turns

“…sensual energy like Aimé Césaire and Léopold Sédar Senghor, a writer possessed by thoughts and visions.”

Jean-Yves Solinga, author of Impressions of Reality

“With luscious and corporeal imagery Suzanne Ondrus shows us that there are no people without places. Passion Seeds is about the ways we pass and trespass those places, with and through each other. It is about the way history and race are written into us, and how the violence of the past holds onto us with names like “white” and “black,” even while in love. Passion Seeds is an excellent look at what holds the world together and keeps it apart.”

Matt McBride, author of Cities Lit by the Light Caught in Photographs

“These are poems that will continue to seduce readers over and over again, and the only voodoo Ondrus is guilty of, is her relentless use of imagery that plants passionate seeds in our bodies, letting us discover new reasons to love and love again!”

Joyce Ashuntantang, author of A Basket of Flaming Ashes